Meredith's Heart :: HRHS, PA, MAPCAS

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Today I’m finally sharing Meredith’s heart with you all. And I’ll try to keep this short and sweet, because how could I possibly do her story justice? Her sweet little heart managed to stay beating on earth for 20 days before finally going Home. God knew her momma’s path and mine would cross long before we did. 

Meredith’s grandmother and my mom have been friends for a little while, because they work out at the same fitness facility in Midland. When we got our diagnosis in December/January, Meredith’s grandmother was a big source of encouragement for my mom, and lifted up prayers for Sunley. Just months later, Libby (Meredith’s mom) would receive the same prenatal diagnosis of Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome — too rare to be a coincidence. Unfortunately, Meredith’s specific HRHS defects, Pulmonary Atresia and MAPCAS, ultimately took life from her. Though I would give almost anything to change her story, Libby has held tightly to her faith, and anyone who knows her KNOWS what an encouragement she is to everyone around her.

Before our babies were born, Libby and I were able to keep in touch and share Scriptures with each other. One thing Libby said to me (in regards to worrying about how to be there for my older children) was to “let God fill in the gaps where I can not be.” I have held that phrase so closely, and prayed it many, many times.

I was so honored to make this little interpretation of Meredith’s heart for Libby. MAPCAS is such a complicated heart defect, but I’d argue also one of the most beautiful. Some would refer to CHD babies’ hearts as broken, but my Momma eyes just don’t see it that way — There is nothing wrong with our babies; It is our world that’s messed up. And this world was just too broken to support Meredith’s perfect heart.

libby 001-3.jpg

I was so happy to meet Libby recently and introduce her to Sunley. We’ve walked different journeys in the CHD world, and I can’t speak for Libby, but I know that I feel forever connected to this sweet family and I can not wait to meet their Meredith in Heaven. I may not have seen her while she was here, but I think I’d recognize that heart anywhere.