Hadelyn's Lemonade Stand

We had such a fun day yesterday! As most of you already saw on Facebook, Hadelyn asked me a few days ago if she could do a lemonade stand to raise money to help our heart buddies at Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston. I am so proud of that girl. She did it all just about by herself, and it was a lot of work! She made cookies with Oma on Friday, went shopping with me to get all the supplies, and painted the sign. I only helped when necessary. Saturday we decorated, got everything set up the way she wanted (she was VERY specific), and she asked me to call the police and ask them to come since “they like to help kids.” Heart melted. I was actually a little embarrassed to ask, but I messaged the MPD on Facebook, and boy did they come through! I was hoping maybe one officer would come by, but we had over ten stop at her lemonade stand! They really made her feel special.


Do you remember baby Meredith from a previous blog post? Her grandmother, Melinda, was our last customer of the day. It meant so much to us to have her stop by and support Hadelyn, and meet Sunley! And y’all…I DIDN’T EVEN CRY. I’m basically A ROCK. #humblebrag

We also had so many neighbors, friends, and family stop by. Hadelyn is usually very shy, but she did so good taking care of her customers and we were so proud. Ruger helped, too! He did great filling drinks and passing out cookies. He was NOT shy, and was super eager to participate in the whole thing. After about 2 hours or so, we called it quits and discovered that Hadelyn had received $375 for Sunley’s hospital! She felt so good about the whole thing, and to see her proud of herself made my heart so full. My kids have taught me so much, and by far the best thing I’ve learned is to make lemonade out of life’s lemons!

I didn’t want to make too big a deal out of all of this, but I’ve had several people asking me to set up some sort of online donation site so that they can donate. I looked at a couple different platforms, and I think the easiest way to do it would be to just go through this website. The money will be deposited into my account, and 100% of it will be donated to TCH along with Hadelyn’s $375 raised. 

We aren’t in any way trying to guilt anyone into donating — This is just for those who asked, who were unable to come to her lemonade stand yesterday! Thank you to everyone for supporting her cause and reinforcing to her that when you WRITE WITH LIGHT, good things happen ;)

You can donate by clicking HERE, and click the donate button below the photos.